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Clarkson Public Schools


Aftermath of Windlass Hills

The 4 th grade class went looking for a better life on a 2 week journey towards Oregon City. The students had the opportunity to build covered wagons over their desks and travel to Oregon alongside Hattie Campbell (book was read in class). . . .

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4th Grade Learns About Native American Tribes

The 4 th graders were learning about the different Native American tribes in Nebraska. They learned that the tribes in Nebraska were either farming or nomadic tribes. The nomadic tribes lived in tipis because they were easier to put up and . . .

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Mummification by the 6th Grade Class

The 6 th graders learned about the Ancient Egypt and the process of “mummification”. As a group, they “mummified” a chicken that became the class’ Egyptian king. They learned what the Egyptians thought happened . . .

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