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Clarkson Public Schools


Student Spotlight: Travis Stanley

This week’s student spotlight is Travis Stanley. Travis is a sophomore at Clarkson High School. Travis lives with his mom Kim Scott and her husband Russ. After Travis graduates high school, he wants to go to college at Northeast . . .

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Student Spotlight: Jacquelyn Lee

Jacquelyn Lee is 17 years old, and her parents are Bob and Sharon Lee. They moved from Colorado about 19 years ago to live in Clarkson. She is a junior at Clarkson Public School. The best thing about the junior class is that there are only . . .

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Student Spotlight:Kiara Brabec

Kiara Brabec is a sophomore at Clarkson High School and the daugher of Trina & Kevin Brabec. She is very kind and is always ready to be by your side no matter what. She also cares a lot about everyone. If there was one person in this . . .

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Student Spotlight: Breanna Ashton

Each week, a student from Clarkson High School is randomly chosen for our Student Spotlight. This week, Amber Novotny interviewed Breanna Ashton, a junior at CHS.   Breanna has been playing softball her whole high school . . .

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Student Spotlight: Isaak Wiese

Each week a student will be randomly selected to be in Clarkson High School's Student Spotlight.  This week's student is Isaak Wiese.   Isaak Wiese is a 14 year-old freshman at Clarkson High School. His . . .

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